SFWA® Contracts Committee Mission Statement


To provide expert advice on contractual matters that affect significant numbers of SFWA® members, and to provide a clearinghouse for new developments or issue alerts to SFWA® members regarding those contractual matters.

Typical Functions

  1. Evaluating standard contracts from new publishers with a view to improving their model forms.
  2. Notifying members about questionable or contentious contractual provisions about which they should be aware.
  3. Developing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and responses to issues that commonly arise in contract negotiations.
  4. Continuing exploration of the contractual issues inherent in new forms of publishing, especially electronic publishing.
  5. Referring individual matters to the Grievance Committee.

Functions Typically Not Performed

  1. Reviewing individual contracts. The contracts committee is not counsel for individual SFWA® members.
  2. Granting an “imprimatur,” “certification,” or any other form of SFWA® “seal of approval” to any contract.
  3. Resolving grievances between authors and publishers. Responsibility here lies with the Grievance Committee.

To Contact the Contracts Committee

Send email to contracts@sfwa.org.

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