Quick Updates for 2010-12-17

  • SFWA member @MFJ72's story "The Dragon's Lesson" is up at Kasma Science Fiction http://bit.ly/gbCmp1 #
  • SFWA member @daviddlevine's story "Written on the Wind" (from sff.net anthology Beyond the Last Star) will be podcast on Escape Pod. #
  • @SFDiplomat @ian_sales What do you mean that SFWA doesn't recognise critics? Critics can definitely be members. #
  • The Arthur C. Clarke Award is facing financial difficulties. http://t.co/P99Lb3Q via @io9 #
  • @SFDiplomat Correct. #
  • @SFDiplomat Incorrect. Affliates get most of same benefits as our other members minus voting, plus they pay less. #
  • @SFDiplomat No. It says you get a magazine, a directory, and access to the forums. Also — unlisted — promo opportunities. #

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