In the wake of the shooting that left twelve dead and many more wounded at a Colorado premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, our thoughts and support are with the victims and their families.

From SFWA President John Scalzi:

“The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America joins with the rest of our nation and the world in mourning those who were killed and injured in Aurora, Colorado early this morning, through the actions of a man whose motives are quite simply unfathomable. Our thoughts go to their loved ones and to all affected.”

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  1. Jonathan Vos Post

    Personal statement on Colorado’s premiere of The Dark Knight Rises
    Jonathan Vos Post
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    My condolences thoughts go to the loved ones of those killed or injured, and to all affected. My opinions may not be popular, but there are informed and sincere:
    (1) The accused has a presumption of innocence under the law.
    (2) This is not about Science Fiction/Fantasy professionals, from the brilliant co-writers Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, nor anyone who previously contributed to the Batman mythos.
    (3) This is not about Science Fiction/Fantasy fans, many of whom shared my enjoyment of San Diego Comic-Con, where previews of the film were greeted with intense approval.
    (4) This is not about guns nor gun control laws. Japan strictly regulates swords, you know.
    (5) This is not about PhD. Programs, in Neuroscience nor any other academic field.
    (6) This is not about terrorism, as terrorists almost always expound a political agenda.
    (7) This is about mental illness, and why our culture should remove the stigma for treatment.
    (8) This is about youth, especially given the ages of the alleged perpetrator and many victims. See the current Los Angeles Times series of articles on global demographics, which I feel deserved a Pulitzer Prize. The equations of population dynamics are not so hard, as I’ve taught them in high schools. But Science Fiction/Fantasy professionals might consider the stark statistics on youth-dominated nations and the “arc of violence” in extrapolating to even more overpopulated futures.
    (9) I could be wrong. We may find out in trial. Or we may never know.