Help build an SF Collection at San Diego State University

San Diego State University’s Walter Fisher is endeavoring to build a comprehensive collection of science fiction material. Toward that end, he is soliciting donations of science fiction works. If interested, contact him at   hyperlink ““ hyperlink “” for more information

2 Responses

  1. Walt Fisher!

    I don’t want go give the wrong impression. I am not associated with SDSU other than being a graduate. I do not represent it or work there. I have donated part of my collection and will give more in the future. The collection was established by a former professor and friend of mine. She was a mentor of mine and I would like to see her efforts continued and expanded. All donations appreciated. Please contact me.

  2. Susan Shwartz

    Would there be a place for fantasy and SF artwork? My collection includes oil/acrylic sketches by Gaugain, DeFate, Richard Bober, Bob Eggleton and Dave Seeley, sketches by Tom Kidd, Donato Giancola (many), Jody Lee and Rick Berry, and paintings by Richard Bober, Dave Seeley, Omar Rhayyan, Schleinkofer, Eggleton and a number of other artists. Some of these works relate to my own book covers.

    Susan Shwartz