Operations Manager for SFWA

The workload on the elected Board and on our part-time office manager, Kathryn Baker, has grown to such an extent that we cannot efficiently and productively deal with the numerous issues involving our members or the industry we support. It was clear that a more dedicated effort was needed.

At the behest of President John Scalzi and Vice-President Rachel Swirsky, SFWA engaged several search firms to conduct a nationwide search for non-profit-experienced candidates for a full-time Operations Manager position.

The three-month search produced six possible candidates. We also had expressions of interest from within SFWA.  After careful examination of the resumes we selected four individuals for reference checks.  We performed preliminary telephone interviews on May 2, 2013 and as a result, the three best-qualified candidates were selected for more in-depth interviews in San Jose.

The President, Vice President, and Treasurer interviewed the three candidates on May 18, 2013. All three were more than qualified through prior experience, knowledge of what the position entailed, and personnel management skills, particularly regarding membership issues. All were extremely personable. None demonstrated issues with diversity. All were introduced to other Board members.

After carefully comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates, along with their long-term expectations, and the Officer’s expectations of how they’d function during the transitional process, the President, with the consent of the Vice-President and Treasurer, determined that the best interests of SFWA would be served by continuing our relationship with Kathryn Baker. The decision was ratified by the board.

Ms. Baker will assume her new position on August 1, 2013.

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