SFWA Membership for Game Writers

Will sales in writing SF/F games qualify writers for membership in SFWA? In the upcoming SFWA election, Active and Lifetime Active members will have the chance to vote.

SFWA Vice President M.C.A. Hogarth has some thoughts on the matter:

Most of us have grown up gaming. We were playing the original Dungeons & Dragons around a table when it was new; we remember the music from Legend of Zelda from messing with the first consoles; we’ve been in the groups killing raid bosses in World of Warcraft (or EverQuest, or City of Heroes). We know, intimately, how much those games owe to their writing. Many of us already write for games, or have written game media tie-ins; many of us already need or want to network in this specialty, or exchange knowledge on our contracts, connections, and issues.

The Gaming Committee has drafted solid credentials for admitting professional writers of SF/F games–tabletop or computer or console or app–to our numbers. The Board has reviewed them, made modifications, and chosen a final draft. Now it’s up to our members to vote to include our writing peers in the gaming industry into our numbers. The question will be going out on the election ballot at the end of Februrary.

Games, no less than books, tell compelling stories in our genre. I hope you’ll join me in opening our doors to our professional colleagues in SF/F game writing.

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