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Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America has adopted new vision and mission statements along with formal values and objectives. The changes were approved by a 7-0 margin by the SFWA® Board of Directors with two abstentions. Effective immediately, these will be included in the official SFWA operating policies and procedures manual (OPPM) as a guiding tool for SFWA policy and operation decisions.

The motion adopted by the board is as follows:

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Inc. (SFWA) recognizes that every organization should have a clearly defined vision, mission, guiding values and objectives. These provide the organization with a frame of reference for members and potential members to understand the organizationís purpose and actions, a tool for making policy decisions in the present and the future, and a map for successful strategic planning. A regular review of this document should be conducted to ensure that it continues to reflect the realities of the organizationís needs and goals.

Vision Statement:
The purpose of a Vision Statement is to provide a view of what the organization seeks to become or wants to be. This is for internal use, rather than external. SFWA: the best source for information, education, support and fellowship for authors of science fiction, fantasy and related genres.

Mission Statement:
The Mission Statement makes clear why the organization exists, and its fundamental purpose(s). This is used externally, often when the public asks about the organization. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) informs, supports, defends and advocates for our members.

The Values provide a clear set of guidelines for how the organization will behave or what it believes is important. Values can be for internal or external use to the organization. SFWA believes that its vision, mission, and objectives can best be accomplished when it supports and defends the artistic and legal rights of its members, pays forward by encouraging and informing aspiring writers, respects our membersí craft, and conducts its business with competence and responsibility.

The Objectives outline the end results the organization wants to achieve in the relatively near future. Objectives can be for internal or external use to the organization.

In support of our goals, SFWA will:

    1. Create and maintain a robust governance structure for the stability of the organization;
    2. Maintain a flexible Operations, policies and procedures manual that guides the operations of the organization in a way that is open and accessible to the members;
    3. Anticipate, reflect and influence industry trends and best practices
To fulfill our mission, SFWA will develop policies and maintain programs that:
    1. Protect the mutual interests and prevent the exploitation of working and aspiring writers;
    2. Obtain and share relevant and timely industry information with our members;
    3. Adapt to meet the challenges of an ever-changing industry.
About SFWA
Founded in 1965 by the late Damon Knight, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America brings together the most successful and daring writers of speculative fiction throughout the world. Since its inception, SFWA has grown in numbers and influence until it is now widely recognized as one of the most effective non-profit writers' organizations in existence, boasting a membership of approximately 1,500 science fiction and fantasy writers as well as artists, editors and allied professionals. Each year the organization presents the prestigious Nebula Awards® for the yearís best literary and dramatic works of speculative fiction.

Posted MArch 26, 2009

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