May 2003 By-laws Amendment

Massachusetts law does not allow organizations incorporated in the Commonwealth to hold business meetings outside of the United States. Therefore, the Board of Directors has amended the SFWA By-laws in order to bring them into compliance with Massachusetts statutes.

The SFWA By-laws give the Board of Directors the right and the duty to directly amend the by-laws in only two cases: To bring the by-laws into compliance with law, and/or to bring the by-laws into compliance with IRS regulations. I take as my text Article X, Section 2, which reads in part:

"In addition, where these by-laws conflict with changing rules for nonprofit organizations as determined by the IRS or any lawmaking body, the officers shall be able to amend the by-laws by majority vote. Any such amendments will be promptly announced to the general membership in the Forum and Bulletin."

Amended by a majority of the current officers is Article IX, Section 1, which previously read:

"Section 1. Business Meetings. Two yearly business meeting of the Corporation shall be held, one in the Spring of the year at the Nebula Awards Weekend, the other in the late Summer of the Year at the World Science Fiction Convention, or, if the World Science Fiction Convention is held outside North America, at the North American Science Fiction (interim) Convention."

This section now reads:

"Section 1. Business Meetings. Two general business meetings of the Corporation shall be held each calendar year. The first shall occur in the spring, together with the annual Nebula Awards ceremony specified in Article XI, Section 2. The second shall occur in late summer or fall at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), except when Worldcon is held outside the United States, in which case the Board shall designate another major convention in the United States at which the meeting shall occur."

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