November 2007 By-laws Amendment

8 November 2007

From Jane Jewell, Executive Director:

529 ballots were returned by the deadline. Of these, three were invalid. Two were invalid because they were blank. And the third voted both for and against amendment # 2 while leaving amendment # 1 blank. Thus there were 526 valid ballots cast.

This number of valid ballots more than meets the requirement of at least one-third of the eligible membership returning ballots. (A minimum of 376 valid ballots were required.) There were 4 ballots that only had votes for # 1.

For an amendment to pass, it needed a simple majority.

Amendment # 1

Proposed, that the following paragraph replace the first paragraph of Article IV Section 7 of the SFWA Bylaws:

Proposed Article IV Section 7 Qualifying Publications: "Works which qualify a candidate for active or associate membership must be professionally published fiction in the English language in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or horror. With the approval of the Board of Directors, the Membership committee shall establish and publish the criteria defining "professionally published" including but not limited to minimum advance royalty amounts and print runs for novels and payment standards, circulation requirements, and frequency-of-publication guidelines for short forms."

Previous wording that will be replaced by the above paragraph:

"Only print- or electronic- prose fiction or drama in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, or horror, in the English language, shall be considered as professional publications qualifying for active or associate mem­bership. Small press publications shall not be considered. Book publishers not listed in Literary Market Place shall be defined as small presses. Periodicals paying less than three cents ($0.03) per word shall be deemed as issuing from small presses."

There were 503 votes for Amendment # 1 and 23 against. Amendment # 1 passes.

Amendment # 2

Proposed, that the following sentence be added to the end of Article V, Section 5, Duties and Powers, paragraph (a).

"Section 5. Duties and Powers. The duties and powers of the officers shall be as follows: (a) The President shall represent the Corporation in dealings with all other organizations and persons, and may speak for the Corporation on all matters on which the Corporation has reached a consensus. The President shall have the exclusive power to sign contracts for the Corporation, except as specified below, the power to issue publications, create and appoint committees, award active life memberships, conduct correspondence and perform such other duties as are incident to the office. The President shall have the authority to hire and dismiss any employees and/or independent contractors, vendors or suppliers who provide services to the Corporation for which they are paid, and to define the duties thereof. Nothing contained in these by-laws shall prevent assignment of duties to the Corporation's staff by the President with the consent of the other officers."

Add this sentence:

"Additionally, the President may temporarily authorize the Executive Director to perform any of the assigned tasks or roles of the various board members and officers, including the President, as needed."

There were 489 votes for Amendment # 2 and 33 against. Amendment # 2 passes.


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