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Beth Cato: Why I Joined SFWA

When I was a teenager back in the 1990s, I regularly prowled through my mall B. Dalton. Back then, monthly publishing bulletins were set out on the store counter. The purple-banded bulletin for science fiction and fantasy is where I first learned about SFWA. I don’t remember what authors were mentioned in relation to it, […]

SFWA.org: One of the Best

The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America website has been selected by Writer’s Digest Magazine as one of the “101 Best Website for Writers.” A reminder: The SFWA Blog pays 6 cents/word for original material related to writing and/or science fiction or fantasy.  Feel free to query or send articles (~1000 words or less) to […]

Stephen Baxter: My Favorite Robert Silverberg Novel

In my mind SFWA has always been associated with Robert Silverberg. Bob was of course the second president of the organisation, and he introduced my young mind to the very conception of SFWA through his editing of the first of the1960s ‘Hall of Fame’ anthologies. My understanding now is that this project was Silverberg’s inspiration, […]

Lela E. Buis: SFWA vs. the Demons

The aging writer hunches over her pen and paper in a cramped and cluttered room. The hour has grown late, daylight long since fled. The wicks of candles gutter as a cold draft of wind blows through the crevices of eternity. The writer shivers, pulls her tattered shawl closer around her thin shoulders. She has […]

Elaine Isaak: Tribal Rites: Why I Joined SFWA

As a young geek, I excelled at school and struggled in only one thing, really:  making friends.  Oh, I had one or two, and the occasional furtive acquaintance who was a little embarrassed to be seen with me. It’s a struggle that most adolescents face at one time or another.  Thankfully, I had books.  I […]

Douglas Smith: SFWA Griefcom to the Rescue

I began my writing career, as have many writers, with short fiction. After I’d made my first few professional sales, I came across a new set of markets I’d never considered before: foreign language (meaning non-English) magazines and anthologies. I stumbled across a mention in Locus of a German publisher who was considering stories for […]