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Zen in the Art of Short Fiction Titling

by John Joseph Adams

Imagine you’re a reader who doesn’t know most of the authors in the anthology you just picked up, or you see someone talking on social media about a cool story they just read. Are you more likely to read—absent of all other meaningful context or data—a story called “Alien” or one called “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream”?

Nebula Conference 2016, Chicago

by Cat Rambo, SFWA President

What was it like? Like getting to co-host at one of the most awesome weekend-long parties ever, but one with all sorts of interesting conversations full of stuff that was genuinely useful to my career interspersed at intervals.

Meet Your New Guardian of the Galaxy: SFWA Director of Operations – Kate Baker

by Kate Baker

I have one of the best jobs in the world. As Director of Operations for SFWA, I get to be a part of a wonderful organization that aims to help and protect industry professionals. I also get to meet our talented members and help plan the SFWA Nebula conference. With a fantastic events team consisting of Steven H Silver, Terra LeMay, and all the volunteers who step up to lend their time and expertise to the event, we were all excited as the event quickly approached.

New Storybundle Collection!

At Storybundle.com, you the reader name your price—whatever you feel the books are worth. You may designate a portion of the proceeds to go to a charity. For the Story Collection Storybundle, that’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Nebula Awards Autographing Event

In or near Chicago? Got any plans on May 13th around 8PM? An exciting reminder! As part of our SFWA Nebula Conference, there will be a free and open to the public mass autographing event sponsored by Tor Books! This event will feature many authors and professionals like SFWA’s newest Grand Master, C.J. Cherryh, our […]