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Quick Updates for 2010-03-20

RT @scalzi: Peter Watts Update http://bit.ly/aYjdDL # The cover of BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS, sequel to SFWA members @kamigarcia & @mstohl's BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, is up http://bit.ly/60l9la # SFWA members Nisi Shawl @cynthia_ward guest blogging about #WritingtheOther at @jeffvandermeer 's BOOKLIFE: http://is.gd/aPaiA # RT @torbooks: @tordotcom Tor.com is hiring (editorial): http://bit.ly/b9zvha # SFWA member @shilohwalker is having a […]

Quick Updates for 2010-03-17

Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member @MarkCN author of "Nights of Villjamur" from Bantam/Spectra. http://www.markcnewton.com/ # SFWA member @jimchines posts part 1 of the results of his First Novel Survey http://is.gd/aLdw3 This will be a must-read series. #

Writer Beware is on Facebook

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware Because I don’t already have enough to do (ha!), I’ve just set up a Facebook page for Writer Beware. It’ll aggregate the content I’m posting around the Web–the blog posts here, my Twitterfeed, and info from various writers’ groups and discussion boards. Your comments, responses, and thoughts are […]

Quick Updates for 2010-03-14

@msallied Actually, the Hugos aren't affiliated with SFWA. Our awards are the Nebulas. Anyone can purchase a Hugo membership. in reply to MsAllieD # SFWA member @G2L says that "Dark Futures" with many SFWA members in it, is available for early orders http://is.gd/auwkD #