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Quick Updates for 2009-12-10

Hey there, SFWA members, I will admit to being under the gun on a deadline. If you have any news today, shoot me a DM so I can RT for you. # SFWA member @YasmineGalenorn hosts a month long pre-release party for the release of Bone Magic, her 7th Otherworld book. http://3.ly/Szo # Congratulations to […]

You Can Take It With You

Interstellar space travel. We dream about it. We write about it. Science fiction writers have come up with all manners of interstellar travel, ranging from multigenerational arks, to wormhole generating warp drives that can spit you across the galaxy in a blink of an eye. As wondrous and amazing as all these approaches may be, most suffer from a very fundamental problem.

BookViewCafe.com Welcomes Chris Dolley

On Saturday, December 5, BookViewCafe.com conquers Europe as science fiction author and memoirist, Chris Dolley, joins the team. Originally from the UK, but now living in France, Dolley has had two SF novels (Resonance and Shift) published by Baen. Currently he is working on a true crime memoir based on his own experience of having […]