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Quick Updates for 2010-01-28

Join the fun as @sfsignal asks who the next SFWA Grand Master should be as part of their latest Mind Meld. http://3.ly/pCc # Remeber, tomorrow is the last day to make a decision about the Google Book Settlement. Http://googlebooksettlement.com # @StaciaKane @LAGilman I've been on a plane all day. What did I miss about RWA? […]

Author Solutions CEO Wants to Talk to Writers’ “Guilds”

In a video posted to YouTube on Friday, and in an accompanying press release, the CEO of Author Solutions, Kevin Weiss, invited the Romance Writers of America, the Mystery Writers of America, and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America to sit down with him and other AS representatives to discuss the recent debate over AS’s “partnerships” with Harlequin and Thomas Nelson.

Quick Updates for 2010-01-26

RT @MaryRobinette: I’m running for Vice President of SFWA. Read my platform, here: http://bit.ly/4EIpSb # RT @scalzi: Hey, kids! Look who's running for President of SFWA! http://bit.ly/8VW53v # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member, Gail Dayton author of "New Blood" from Tor. http://www.gaildayton.com/ # Welcome to SFWA's newest Active member, Dan Wells (@johncleaver), author of […]