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How do I change my password for the main SFWA website?

It is important to understand that the SFWA website has two different areas, the main website and the discussion forums.  Each area uses a different username and password.  These instructions are for changing your password on the main SFWA website. Method 1: Clear text In the left menu, click “Manage Profile” (If you are not […]


The finalists for 2009 Endeavor Award are: “Anathem” by Seattle, WA, writer Neal Stephenson; “Ill Met in the Arena” by Dave Duncan, who lives in Victoria, BC; “Long Walks, Last Flights and Other Stories” by Ranier, OR, SFWA Member Ken Scholes, “Space Magic” by SFWA Member David Levine of Portland, OR; and “A World Too Near” by SFWA Member Kay Kenyon, of Wenatchee, WA.