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Featured Books

Minuscule Truths

Minuscule Truths holds ten beguiling tales of science fiction and fantasy. It offers a treasure of storytelling, with yarns from the likes of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Crossed Genres’ Fierce Family, Robot Cowgirl’s Alien Abduction, and others.

The Last Days of Magic

Named one of the Best New Books by People Magazine, The Last Days of Magic is an epic novel of mysticism and mayhem, Celts and faeries, mad kings and druids, and a goddess struggling to reign over magic’s last outpost on the Earth – medieval Ireland.

Standing The Final Watch

When Lt. Gen. Nick Angriff’s family is killed in a terrorist attack, his grief and strong political beliefs leave him vulnerable to manipulation by those who need him to lead a secret program to revive America in case of collapse.

Cold Welcome

Admiral Ky Vatta returns to her home planet of Slotter Key expecting painful reminders of loss, but also a hero’s welcome. Instead she’s plunged into a desperate struggle for mere survival, with the elements and unknown enemies against her.