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Featured Books

Escape Velocity

Toward the end of the twenty first century, humanity establishes space colonies throughout the Solar System. A settlement on Titan, a city on Mars and thriving asteroid-belt mining facilities. Then, Earth experiences a global catastrophic collapse.

The Last Good Man

“…a thrilling novel that lays bare the imminent future of warfare.”—Publishers Weekly starred review

Robotics, big data, & artificial intelligence redefine conflict in the newest novel from the author of the Nebula-nominated The Red: First Light.

Delicate Ministrations

Delicate Ministrations unfurls eleven speculative tales. This second edition introduces a new novella—Liminal. Honest Indie writes, “These are great stories from a writer who infuses them with heart, soul, insight and a fearful imagination.”

Requies Dawn

Yw Sabi once ruled all the System, but now finds herself an enemy of her own kind in a changed world. She must right ancient wrongs and, with the aid of an E’cwn huntress, struggle against new gods and rediscover an ancient, undying love.

Minuscule Truths

Minuscule Truths holds ten beguiling tales of science fiction and fantasy. It offers a treasure of storytelling, with yarns from the likes of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Crossed Genres’ Fierce Family, Robot Cowgirl’s Alien Abduction, and others.