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The Mark of the Tala

Tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. No one says much about the middle princess until the day she meets a strange man who rules a land of shapeshifters and demons. A country no more than legend-until he claims her as its queen.


The Enceladus Crisis

In this sequel to THE DAEDALUS INCIDENT, interdimensional intrigue rocks the solar system. In 2134, the first manned mission to Saturn is marred by an incursion from another universe, one where sailing ships ply the void between worlds.


Summoning the Phoenix

Summoning the Phoenix features 13 child musicians preparing for performance as well as historical and mythological stories related to Chinese music. It is “a lively medley that will expand the musical boundaries of most young.” (Kirkus Reviews


Expiration Day

In 2049, nobody can have kids. Well, almost nobody. And nobody knows why. So I’m a real rarity. A real girl. Most kids are just robots. Good enough to fool the maternal instinct. Good enough to stop the riots. Good enough to play with. Sometimes.