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Featured Books


The Clock Struck None

A collection of alternate and secret history short stories. From airships lost between universes, to golems winning the fight against racism, Lou Antonelli explains ways the world might have been. Includes Sidewise Award finalist “Great White Ship”.


The Ophelia Prophecy

Post-apocalyptic biopunk romance from the RWA RITA Award nominated author of GHOST PLANET. Coming from Tor in April 2014.


Iron Night

Underachieving vampire Fortitude Scott and his kitsune friend Suzume Hollis are back in this sequel to GENERATION V. When Fort discovers his new, rent-paying roommate’s body he has to work fast to find the real killer, making unexpected alliances.


The Gravity of the Affair

Set in the worlds of The Daedalus Incident, this novella follows the adventures of a young post-captain named Horatio Nelson as he sails the moons of Jupiter on behalf of England. But a chance encounter could derail his career before it truly begins.


Sword and Sorceress 28

Edited by Elisabeth Water, the annual tradition continues with stories from Dave Smeds, Deborah J. Ross, Michael H. Payne, and others.