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The Rogue Retrieval

Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream: to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip. When the talent scouts begin circling, he thinks he’s about to make it. Instead, he gets an offer to go on a quest to a place where magic is all too real.


Knocking on Heaven’s Door

In the 23rd century, humans live in a Paleoterrific utopia, reunited with old (cloned) friends like the mammoth. Panpsychism—a consciousness that pervades matter–is the new science. We’re about to learn what exactly that means.


The Last Days of Magic

“Tompkins’ amazing debut novel conjures an epic battle for the soul of Ireland. Filled with…magic and mayhem, faeries, Vikings, legates, kings and queens, angels and goddesses…” Karen Joy Fowler, Man Booker Prize shortlisted author


Sword and Sorceress 30

This volume of the anthology series, edited by Elisabeth Waters and now in its third decade of publication, includes stories by Robin Wayne Bailey, Deborah J. Ross, Michael H. Payne, Catherine Soto, and many others.


Wreaths of Empire

The ultimate weapon.
The peace of the galaxy.
One woman.
Naval Intelligence Commander Jade Lafrey uncovers a conspiracy that could devastate either human worlds or their alien enemies’.