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Many authors start their web pages with biographical information, but frankly, I've led a very boring life.  (That's not a complaint.  "May you live in interesting times" really is a curse, and "May you lead an interesting life" is even worse.)  When I go to my favorite authors' web sites the thing I'm really looking for is: What's Coming Out Next!

The release date for Thief’s War has changed again, but this time I really think it’s solid—2/27/2014!

I’m going to have to put off revising Scholar’s Plot till after I’ve written the first draft of book six—not for any writerly reason, but because I ran out of time.  Partially, because I’m doing launch stuff for Thief’s War, and partially because I just ran out of time—and Jan/Feb/March is by far the best time for me to write a first draft.  (And yes, Book Six is the current working title, but it will get better, I promise.)

As you know, all 4 of my early, out-of-print novels now available as ebooks, from all major ebook stores.  And A Matter of Profit, The Wizard Test, Navohar and Songs of Power should be available in POD (print on demand) trade paperbacks “soon...very soon.”  (A quote that totally dates me, but if you haven’t seen the movie Romancing the Stone you really should.  It’s delightful.)  I know this last statement has been here a long time, but it really should be soon.  And it looks like I’ll get my rights for both Goblin Wood and The Prophecy back sometime in the reasonable future—so maybe they’ll get out as ebooks sometime too.  But at the earliest, that will be late next year, and maybe even later.

I’m going to get The Fixer out eventually too—not sure how or when yet, as I’m now mostly focused on getting the last three Knight & Rogue books out.  Fixer is set in the Goblin universe, but 400 years later.  They’re trying to settle their version of the first world war with a great peace conference—and assassins are trying to disrupt it, and framing the heroine’s grandmother for the murders.  I hope it won’t disappoint my Goblin fans—all the characters from the previous novels have been dead for four centuries, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they’re not in this story!  But it does deal with one final question Goblin War left open—what happened to the descendants of the Chanduri.

If you want to follow my progress on these books, you can check out the On my Radar—Work postings on my new facebook fan page.  I’ve put off getting on Facebook forever—and now I’m really enjoying it and can’t imagine why I resisted for so long.  Amazing how often it works out like that.