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Many authors start their web pages with biographical information, but frankly, I've led a very boring life.  (That's not a complaint.  "May you live in interesting times" really is a curse, and "May you lead an interesting life" is even worse.)  When I go to my favorite authors' web sites the thing I'm really looking for is: What's Coming Out Next!

Scholar’s Plot (Knight & Rogue Book 5) is coming out in November—I don’t have a hard date as I write this, but my copy editor is working on it now (probably take her two or three weeks) and it will probably be available for order a week or two after she’s finished. That may put it closer to Thanksgiving than the first part of the month—but getting it out in November is almost a miracle, so I’m not complaining!

And while I plan to publish the ebook and the hardback at roughly the same time, I’m thinking of waiting till January before bringing out the paperback.


Lady’s Pursuit (Knight & Rogue Book 6) has come back from my critique group, and they had great suggestions. In fact (famous last words) it looks like it will be a lighter rewrite than I had with Scholar’s Plot. I still have to make the time to do it, but my plan is to get Lady’s Pursuit published sometime in late spring of 2015.

Then in the fall I plan to bring The Fixer (In the Goblin Universe, but 400 years after the trilogy.)

The new book, which I’m itching to write (I’m calling it the Feckless Prince book, but that won’t be the title.) may come out in Spring of 2016...unless I decide to try a small press with that, in which case who knows.

If you want to follow my progress on these books, you can check out the On my Radar—Work postings on my Facebook page: