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The Goblin Wood

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Ages 10 & up

One terrible day, Makenna, a young hedgewitch, witnesses her mother's murder at the hands of their own neighbors. Stricken with grief and rage, Makenna flees the village that has been her home. In the wilds of the forest, she forms an unexpected alliance. Leading an army of clever goblins, Makenna skillfully attacks the humans, now their shared enemy.

What she doesn't realize is that the ruling Hierarchy is determined to rid the land of all magical creatures, and they believe Makenna is their ultimate threat—so they have sent a young knight named Tobin into the Goblin Wood to entrap her.

In this captivating fantasy adventure, the difference between Bright and Dark magic is as deceptive as our memories, hopes and fears—and the light of loyalty and friendship has a magic all its own.


...Bell's story is complex, with several subplots and a surprising, satisfying ending... Kirkus Reviews *starred review

...a rousing fantasy adventure... Hornbook

...realistic dilemmas in richly imagined worlds, with characters who would surprise no one if they were to step off the page... www.genrefluent.com

Republished by Wild Writer Books
Cover art by Anna-Maria Crum