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Farsala 2: Rise of a Hero

Cover of Rise of a Hero

Ages 12 and up

     Legend has it that when Farsala most needs a warrior to lead it, Sorahb will be restored by the god Azura.  That time has come.  After a devastating loss to the army of the Hrum, Farsala has all but fallen.  Only the walled city of Mazad and a few of the more uninhabitable regions remain free of Hrum rule, and they seem destined to fall as well.  Farsala needs a champion now.

     Three young people are waging battle as best they can.  Soraya, Jiaan, and Kavi, their lives devastated by the Hrum, are each in a personal fight against their common enemy.

     Apart, their chances are slim, as none of them are Sorahb reborn.  United, perhaps they can succeed.  But only Time's Wheel can bring them together—if it turns the right way.  If it doesn't, Farsala is surely doomed.

     In the sequel to the critically acclaimed Fall of a Kingdom (formerly entitled Flame), the first book of the Farsala Trilogy, Hilari Bell draws readers deeper into the mythical land of Farsala and weaves an epic tale of destiny and danger.

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Cover art by Steve Stone
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