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Shield of Stars

Cover of Shield of Stars

A former pickpocket, Weasel is the type of boy most people would avoid.  Certainly, no one would ever trust him—except for one man.  Justice Holis took Weasel off the streets, gave him a home, a job as his clerk, and a key to his house.  Weasel's new life may be a bit boring, but for the first time, someone actually cares about him.
      Now Justice Holis is the one in trouble.  Arrested for treason, he will surely hang unless someone saves him—and that someone can only be Weasel.  But what can one boy do?  Nothing, without help.
      So with a mysterious girl named Arisa by his side, Weasel goes in search of the Falcon, the most dangerous bandit in Deorthas, but also the one person who would be able—and possibly willing—to stage a prison break.
      But Weasel's fate changes when he stumbles upon a shield.  Could this be the one said to have been lost for centuries, the one that bestows power on whoever holds it?  If so, Weasel, once a lowly pickpocket, could be the most powerful person in the land.

Jacket illustration by Jon Foster
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