Nancy Varian Berberick


When I am writing,...

Nancy Varian Berberick

... I am most at home in the lands of myth, and I find the more I write fantasy, the closer I want to hew to the old and deep source material. There I find real magic, the kind that touches heart and soul. The kind from which come stories rousing and true. When I am writing, I am learning. Learning about the sources, learning about the kinds of tales I most love, those with the power to thrill in the heart; stories that have, in one form or another, enspelled listeners and readers down the generations. I long to thrill, as those old tales can, and so I try to catch some of that magic and shine it for others. To make my song a coat, as Yeats has said, covered with embroideries, out of old mytholgies....

The Lioness


August 2002
Wizards of the Coast
Paperback: August 2002
ISBN: 0786927526


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