Octavia E. Butler — Bibliography

The first books are science fiction novels of the Patternist series offered not in the order they were written, but in chronological order according to the events of the series. The books tell of a psionic branch of humanity who, as it struggles to be born and to find its way, causes trouble and change for the world.

Next come the Xenogenesis novels which are available separately or collected in one volume. They tell the story of the human survivors of an apocalyptic war as they are joined and genetically altered by extraterrestrials who have an affinity for strangers.

And the two collected versions of all three novels:

Next come the two Parable novels. These take readers into the world of economic, environmental, and social chaos that we seem to be creating, and they offer a few solutions, both malignant and benign.

Then there is the novel that stands alone. It is the story of a modern-day African-American woman who is shifted back in time to the antebellum South and forced to struggle to survive slavery.

And finally, there is a book of short fiction and essays including title story, "Bloodchild," Speech Sounds, The Evening and the Morning and the Night," and others.

There are also two uncollected stories on line in the archives of scifiction.com.

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