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...author, and his various fictions, including Redgunk, Mississippi, and its environs

"Bill Eakin is one of the more inventive writers making a name for himself today..."

—Kurt Roth, reviewing for Tangent

"...eloquent and witty, thoughtful and even heart-rending.... Every time I've read a Redgunk story recently, I've come away thinking the most recent was better than what I had seen before. I'm coming to realize that it's not a question of better; each one has been good on its own..."

—Kim Mohan, Amazing Stories


Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu

Cover for Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu, by William R. Eakin

Distributed by samísdot publishing

January 2010
Bill Eakinís short story collection, Redgunk Tales: Tales from the Kudzu, volume one of a 5-6 volume series, is now available at Genre Mall.

If youíve never read Redgunk, if you did not get to see the original publications, itís a great way to get introduced to some award-winning fantasy for less than 10 dollars (plus shipping)!!!!

Redgunk Tales


Out of Print

"Faulkneresque... creating images and feelings that cannot be conveyed with mere prose fiction... Even readers who normally avoid science fiction and fantasy may enjoy the beauty of Eakin's imagery, his understanding of human nature and his attention to detail. The author is able to take the ordinary and give it a polish that makes it shine bright..."

— Adrienne Lee
University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi Libraries

"There is something magical happening in this small, archetypical Southern town..." [continued]

— Matthew Nadelhaft
at Tangent Online

"Redgunk is simultaneously a place of prosaic horror and impossible beauty...." [continued]

— A.M. Dellamonica
Sci Fi Weekly

"Welcome to Redgunk, Mississippi. It's a town with a couple of hundred residents, several of whom have been abducted by aliens and many of whom are dating them...." [continued]

— Rowan Inish
The Green Man Review

Science Fiction Chronicle
"The List"

Recommended Reading 2001

New Story

"Grandmother Mist"

December 2001

"She was a soft-spoken Mozart minuet in old bones; afternoons with her now had the inward silence of a tea ceremony...."        continued...

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