The Science Fiction Poetry Handbook

Suzette Haden Elgin

Cover for The Science Fiction Poetry Handbook

The Science Fiction Poetry Handbook, written by Suzette for the Science Fiction Poetry Association, is now available.

ISBN: 1-930847-81-5

Table of Contents

  • Chapter One — Defining the Science Fiction Poem
  • Chapter Two — Graphics Patterning: How the Poem Looks
  • Chapter Three — Phonological Patterning: How the Poem Sounds
  • Chapter Four — Lexical Patterning: How Poets Choose Their Words
  • Chapter Five — Syntactic/Semantic Patterning: How Poets Use Grammar Rules
  • Chapter Six — Through the Old Credibility Gap [Including "Presuppositions: Even My Gnome...." and "Fifteen Ways to Presuppose Your Gnome"]
  • Chapter Seven — Marketing and Promoting Your Work
  • Chapter Eight — Poetry Readings, Workshops, and Other Events
  • Chapter Nine — A Brief History of the SFPA
  • References and Suggested Readings
  • The Rhysling Record
    [A list of the poets and poems that have won the SFPA's annual Rhysling Award, the SFPA's equivalent of a Nebula award]

Order from SFPA

You can also order it at The Genre Mall (scroll down to the S's). If you prefer to order offline, you can order with a check by street mail from Tyree Campbell, PO Box 782, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52406-0782; the price is $11.95 + shipping ($2 for US, $4 for Canada and Mexico, $7 for International).

All royalties will go to the SFPA.

ISBN: 1-930847-81-5