Complete List of Short Stories

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"To The Association," Joy In Our Cause, 1974

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"The Paganini Of Jacob's Gully," Report to the Men's Club, 2002

"Desert Child In Book," Report to the Men's Club, 2002

"Nose," Report to the Men's Club, 2002

"It Comes From Deep Inside," Report to the Men's Club, 2002

"After All," Report to the Men's Club, 2002

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"The Assassin Or Being The Loved One", I Live With You, April 2005

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"Master Of The Road To Nowhere," Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2008

"Wilmer Or Wesley," Asimov's Science Fiction, forthcoming

"The Meaning Of The Fields," Lalitamba, forthcoming

"The Abominable Child's Tale," Beastly Bride, ed. Ellen Datlow, forthcoming

"The Dignity He's Due," Firebirds 3, ed. Sharyn November, forthcoming

"All Washed Up While Looking For A Better World," The Del Rey Book of Fantasy & Science Fiction, ed. Ellen Datlow, forthcoming