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Karen's new story, "What I Didn't See," is now available at SciFiction.

Novels & Collections

The Jane Austen Book Club, Putnam, 2004

Sister Noon, a novel published by Putnam, Marian Wood imprint, May 2001

Artificial Things, twelve short stories published by Bantam in 1986, reprinted in 1992.

Peripheral Vision, five short stories published by Pulphouse, 1990.

Sarah Canary, a novel, published by Henry Holt, October 1991.

Letters from Home, a three-author collection containing six of my stories, published in Britain by the Women's Press, August, 1991.

The Sweetheart Season, a novel published by Henry Holt, Marian Wood imprint, fall of 1996.

Collected Poems

Black Glass, a short story collection published by Henry Holt, Marian Wood imprint, February, 1998. Contains two original stories — "Go Back" and "The Travails"

Magazine Publications


"Praxis" — March, 1985

"The Lake was Full of Artificial Things" — October, 1985

"War of the Roses" — December, 1985

"The Dragon's Head" — August, 1986

"The Faithful Companion at Forty" — July, 1987

"Lily Red" — July, 1988

"Duplicity" — December, 1989

"Lieserl" — July, 1990

"Standing Room Only" — August, 1997

The California Quarterly

"Rites of Intensification" — Winter, 1985 (poetry)

"The Schwarzschild Radius" — Winter, 1986 (poetry)

"Glass Houses" — Winter, 1986 (poetry)

The Centennial Review

"Pieta" — Winter, 1986. (poetry)

Fantasy and Science Fiction

"The Poplar Street Study" — June, 1985

"Wild Boys" — March, 1986

"Face Value" — November, 1986

"The Dark" — June, 1991

Helicon 9

"The Natives"September, 1985


"Heartland" — Spring, 1988

"Game Night at the Fox and Goose" — Spring, 1989

The Ohio Journal

"My Son Asks About his Surgery" — Fall/Winter, 1985, (poetry)


"Faded Roses" — November, 1989,

"Reefers," jointly authored story, online, 1997

Plains Poetry Journal

"Poem Under Reconstruction" — January, 1985, (poetry)

Primavera 1985

"Solomon's Child"(poetry)

Twilight Zone

"Contention" — February, 1986


"The Elizabeth Complex" — Winter, 1996


"The Gate of Ghosts" translated into German, 1988, in Wassermans Roboter.

"Other Planes" translated into German, 1989, in Papa Godzilla.

Single Stories in Anthologies

"Recalling Cinderella"Writers of the Future. 1985.

"Letters from Home,"In the Fields of Fire, an anthology of Vietnam stories, edited by Jack and Jeanne Dann, 1987.

The Year's Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1991.

"Heartland."The Best of Interzone, 1988. edited by David Pringle; Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, #6

"Game Night at the Fox and Goose."What Might Have Been, Volume I, edited by Gregory Benford and Martin Greenberg, 1989.

"The Night Wolf."The Skin of the Soul, edited by Lisa Tuttle for Women's Press, 1990.

"Game Night at the Fox and Goose."The Best of Interzone, 1989. edited by David Pringle.

"Black Glass."Full Spectrum 3, edited by Betsy Mitchell, Amy Stout, Lou Aronica. 1991.

"Lieserl"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Terry Windling and Ellen Datlow, 1991.

"Letters from Home" and "The Lake was Full of Artificial Things"Swords into Ploughshares, A "Home Front" Anthology, ed. by Sandra Gurvis, 1991.

"Shimabara."Full Spectrum 5, edited by Jennifer Hershey. 1995.

"The Marianas Islands."Intersections: edited by Kessel, Van Name, Butner. Tor Publications, 1995.

"The Brew."Immortal Unicorns: edited by Janet Berliner, Peter Beagle. HarperPrism, 1995.

"The Queen of Hearts and Swords."Tales of the Impossible; edited by Janet Berliner, David Copperfield, HarperPrism, 1996.

"The Black Fairy's Curse."Black Raven, White Swan; edited by Ellen Datlow, June, 1997.

"The Travails."The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, edited by Terry Windling and Ellen Datlow, 1999.


"Utopian and science fiction on childbirth," Non-fiction article in Encyclopedia of Childbearing, ed. Barbara Katz Rothman. 1991

Review for Washington Post Book World, October, 1989, February, 1994

Review for Chicago Tribune, May 1992

Second review for the San Jose Mercury, 1992

Review for Boston Globe, May 3, 1992

Review for Women's Book Review, June, 1993; January 1996.

Review for Los Angeles Times, June, 1993.


"Duplicity" Best Horror Stories, 1991.

"The Poplar Street Study" Great SF Writers of the 1990's. Dove Audio


Philip K. Dick nominee, 1987

John W. Campbell Award for best new sf writer, 1987

Nebula nominee, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1997, 1998

Hugo nominee, 1987, 1997

NEA Grant in Prose, 1988

Samuel Goldwyn Award for Screenwriting; second place, 1989

Finalist, Bay Area Book Reviewer's Award for Sarah Canary, 1992

Commonwealth Award for Best First Novel for Sarah Canary, 1992

New York Times notable book for 1991: Sarah Canary

New York Times notable book for 1996: Sweetheart Season

American Library notable book for 1996: Sweetheart Season


Writer in Residence at Cleveland State University; Spring, 1990

Frequent instructor at the Clarion Writers Workshop, Michigan State University, and Clarion West in Seattle, Washington

Instructor and administrator every summer, Imagination Workshop; Cleveland State University.

Instructor at Stanford University, Spring 1996, 97, 98.

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