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Jo Clayton

News Update (16 Oct 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Jo remains in good spirits, having progressed to three physical therapy sessions of sitting-up a day (a big improvement given the fragile state of her bones). She's stronger now than she has been since entering the hospital. She feels good that her physical therapy is starting to become a familiar routine. Her fourth round of chemo begins November 4. After that she will likely move to a care facility outside the hospital. A number of options are being investigated, and we'll report her address change here as soon as it is confirmed.

Her next full-skeletal X-ray will occur before the end of October. After that, not only will she and we know how well her bones are reacting to the meds, but she'll have a nifty Halloween decoration for her door.

Now that she can sit up for longer periods, she's spending more and more time writing. She's just finished a new story, an anthology commission. Two or three other stories are in various stages of completion. The second and third books in the DRUMS series are likewise on their way.

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