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Jo Clayton

News Update (22 Oct 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Jo is in good spirits, having progressed to three sessions of sitting-up a day. She feels good that the physical therapy is starting to become a familiar routine. Her next round of chemo begins November 4, though it's still unclear where she will be when that happens-- still at Good Sam or elsewhere as an out-patient? We'll get answers to you as soon as we have them. Dr. Dan will be out of town all next week, but her previous "second string" physicians are still with her, so she has familiar faces (and hands and stethoscopes...) working with her.

Her next full-skeletal X-ray may be rescheduled up a week, which means that it could happen next week. After that, not only will she know how well her bones are reacting to the meds, but she'll have a nifty Halloween decoration for her door.

She's almost done with a new story, the one for Jennifer Roberson's (I think) "Highwaymen" anthology. She asked me how my novel was going. I told her that I was beginning a pivotal chapter that's difficult because the protagonist is alone in her situation, so there is no other character to bounce her off of. Jo made a couple of astute suggestions that got my mental wheels turning in useful ways. So the chapter may develop better than I had hoped.

Jo is almost done with the first draft of the Jennifer Roberson short story, and will now have to do some trimming and tidying before it's ready to send off.

Jo said they're doing the x-rays next week, to find out what kind of progress her bones are making.

She said it looks as though she'll be going to either Regency Park or a place in NW Portland. R.P. is a nice place; they make the rooms seem apartment-like and comfortable. Most rooms have a view of the grounds, which are beautiful.

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