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Jo Clayton

News Update (27 Oct 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Jo is in good spirits, and there has been no new word about moving her. I wonder if her being in isolation for 4 days made them rethink things a bit. Anyway, she may be getting x-rayed today and is hopefully going to be allowed into a type of electric wheelchair that will give her some mobility and be more supportive than the average wheelchair. In the meantime, I called and left voice mail with the person handling her case for HMOO. Of course they weren't in when I called. "They" never are. It's enough to make me a conspiracy theorist. Almost.

Jo is hoping to get "on- line" for the final days of Genie, since she has heard that things are not going well and people are dropping off like flies. Her eyes have improved, so Mark has been printing out her topic for her in 14 pt double spaced, which she says is easy enough for her to read on her own. We continue to stop by and see her every day during the week, at least for a few minutes. If she does get moved, with luck it will be somewhere in the same area as the hospital so that we can continue on this schedule.

Both Mark and I have been busy with our previously scheduled lives, which has kept us from the regular correspondents we were. And also, there has been (thank the powers that be) no big bad news to deal with.

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