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Jo Clayton

News Update (8 Nov 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Got a call from Dr. Dan today, returning (after several days) my call. He confirmed that Jo's bones are not growing in as fast as hoped, and was rather abashed at making her so hopeful at first. He said it will still be awhile before she is able to do any weight bearing, even on her arms. This will keep her in nursing care longer. He doesn't expect she will leave the hospital premises for at least another two months, and possibly longer depending on how her xrays show after the final chemo.

Jo is responding well to chemo, but he said they have not formulated any plans yet as what to do -after- the sixth treatment. He said Jo's body will need a chance to recover, and he will want to see how the myeloma reacts once she off the drugs before determining whether or not she should go for the high dose chemo next or not. But that in any event she will need time for her body to rest and recover.

Technical type information, the skilled nursing ward is technically not part of Good Sam. Jo is discharged and readmitted as she goes from floor to floor. Apparently the skilled nursing is a privately-owned nursing facility that just happens to rent space from Good Sam. So there isn't really any reason to move her to an outside facility since technically she already is in one. We'll see what happens. I know Dr. Dan said he did not expect that they would move her outside the hospital, because of her inability to be mobile or self-supporting at all.

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