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Jo Clayton

News Update (22 Nov 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Jo will likely be in Good Samaritan for a least a couple more months, possibly longer. Her recovery hasn't slowed, but her chief oncologist hasn't yet decided that she will be able to leave the hospital as soon as he (and everyone else) had hoped.

Good news: Jo now has an electric wheelchair that she is able to (with trained assistance) get into at least once a day for thirty minutes or so. She continues to write productively, and will soon be turning in a new story for an anthology. The cards and letters from friends and strangers continue to help keep her spirits up, and she asked that her thanks be passed along here.

Jo is now online from her bed and is posting regularly in her SFRT topic on GEnie. That's the best place right now for ongoing news about her and from her.

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