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Jo Clayton

News Update (1 Dec 96)

by Mark and Elizabeth Bourne

Today Jo went to Powell's book store! My friend Sarah, who has been visiting Jo regularly, masterminded the expedition and Mark assisted. During Jo's regular 'chair time' they ordered up a wheelchair taxi, and with the blessings of the staff (who were -very- thrilled about this), Jo, Sarah, and Mark rolled off to Powell's bookstore, where Austin (my son) and I met them.

Jo had a simply fabulous time. Everyone went out of their way for her, and it was just grand.

She got to sign the famous "author's post" in the sf section, did an impromptu signing for fans, and did an official autographing of everything else of hers in stock in the office. She also got to browse and buy lots of books, and made arrangements with one of the Powell's sf section staff to research other books for writing references as necessary.

She had a wonderful time and was just glowing with pleasure when it was time to leave. The taxi driver was very helpful, and had no qualms about holding up traffic to get her loaded back in the taxi in the most convenient for Jo spot. Jo told me she didn't expect to sleep at all tonight, between the excitement and having so much to read. It was truly wonderful, and I hope you can see from my words how happy and pink-cheeked Jo was at getting a change of scenery in that best of all possible places, Powell's bookstore.

Jo starts her fifth chemo this week, and may be having another set of full body x-rays after it's completed. Everyone is very impressed with how well she is doing, both in her response to chemo, and in her ability to withstand its rigours.

And many, many thanks to all of you who have been (virtually) here, pulling right alongside Jo. Your good wishes have helped more than I can tell you.

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