Science Fiction by Eric Kotani
(Yoji Kondo)

Eric Kotani is the pseudonym used by Yoji Kondo, an astrophysicist who works in the space program. As of 2000, he has published eight science fiction books:

"Act of God", Eric Kotani & John Maddox Roberts, Baen Books (1985).

"The Island Worlds", E. Kotani & J.M. Roberts, Baen (1987).

"Between the Stars", E. Kotani & J.M. Roberts, Baen (1988).

"Delta Pavonis", E. Kotani & J.M. Roberts, Baen Books (1990).

"Supernova", R. M. Allen & E. Kotani, Avon Books (1991).

"Requiem: New Collected Works by Robert A. Heinlein and Tributes to the Grand Master", ed. Y. Kondo, Tor Books (1992). [It became a Book of the Month selection and made the national best-seller list of the San Francisco Chronicle.]

"Death of A Neutron Star", E. Kotani, Pocket Books (1999).

"Legacy of Prometheus", E. Kotani & J.M. Roberts, Tom Doherty Associates (Tor Books) (2000).

Kotani's short story, "The Edgeworld", is contained in the recent Martin Greenberg-John Helfer anthology "Star Colonies", DAW Books (2000).

"Orbital Station Fear", E. Kotani, published in Teknobook anthology, "Space Stations" (2004).