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The Andre Norton Award

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) presents the Norton Award annually to outstanding young adult and middle grade fiction that includes speculative content, such as science fiction and fantasy.

The award, founded by Catherine Asaro, was named in honor of the late SFWA Grand Master Andre Norton, author of more than 100 novels, including the acclaimed Witch World series. Ms. Norton’s work shaped generations of young science fiction and fantasy fans, setting a high standard for excellence in young adult fiction.

The first Norton Award was presented in 2006. Although the Norton Award is distinct from the Nebula Awards, it follows a similar nomination and voting process.

What is eligible for the Norton Award?

  •        Young adult or middle grade work
  •        Containing speculative content
  •        During the calendar year in which it was first widely available in North America, either in physical or electronic form.

Answers to other frequently asked questions about eligibility include:

  •      There is no length limit.
  •      Graphic novels are eligible.
  •      Independently published books are also eligible.
  •      The rules are meant to maximize the eligible timeframes for works which are initially published in a way that is inaccessible to the majority of our members. Works become eligible in the year that they are both a) available in English, and b) widely available in the United States, in either physical or electronic form.

The Internet, along with independent publishing, has created publishing scenarios which may not be covered by the eligibility guidelines listed here. If you have an eligibility question, please contact nac@sfwa.org.

Norton Award Jury

The Norton is currently the only award presented by SFWA that includes juried nominations. The broader SFWA membership nominates up to six candidates for the Norton Award ballot. After the members have filed their nominations, the Norton Award Jury has the option to add one to three books to the list.

Formal submissions are not necessary. However, there are hundreds of eligible books published each year. While the Norton Jury does its best to seek out books, review copies are welcome, and ensure your chance of coming to the jury’s attention.

If you are a publishing professional who would like to send the jury copies of your work or your client’s work, please contact nac@sfwa.org for more information.

The jury welcomes recommendations from the public, and particularly from SFWA members, and young adult or middle grade professionals. To recommend a book, contact nac@sfwa.org. Recommendations are welcome whether or not review copies are provided.

In addition, SFWA members can recommend works using the Nebula Reading List at the top of the SFWA discussion forum. Works cannot be formally suggested to the reading list by their authors, editors, publishers, or agents, but there is a section of the discussion forum where member authors, publishers, and other individuals authorized to do so may post their own eligible works for consideration. Non-members (as well as members who prefer not to access the SFWA discussion forum) can send their work to nac@sfwa.org to have it posted. SFWA cannot guarantee that works posted to the discussion forum will be read or nominated.