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Quick Updates for 2011-02-05

At Escape Pod: "Written on the Wind" by SFWA member @daviddlevine, read by @mightymur. # SFWA member Vera Nazarian (@Norilana) is now a member of the Austen Authors group blog, debuting today. # @MarcyRockwell You have to wait for me to get out of bed first! Welcome back! # SFWA member @alcole123 presents […]

Quick Updates for 2011-02-01

@harrymarkov No. Stories sales do need to be English language, but it doesn't matter where one lives. # @df_dixie Should interested authors ping you via twitter or is there a better way? # PSA: Today's the deadline to buy a Worldcon membership if you want to nominate for this year's awards: # SFWA member […]

Quick Updates for 2011-01-28

@byharryconnolly Email me your rss feed and I'll add you. # SFWA member @tobiasbuckell with an interesting perspective on piracy as it relates to authors. # @LisaShapter Congratulations and good luck with your submissions. # SFWA member @EricJamesStone's story "Rejiggering the Thingamajig" is at Escape Pod: #