Help ID a story: A fan is looking for a story with…

Help ID a story: A fan is looking for a story with the characters “Jehovah the Pinhead” and (possibly) “Allah the…

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  1. Aliora

    It was from a collection of short stories by, I think her name was, Jessica Amanda Soloman. I had seen it in paperback back around ’88. And I have also been looking for another copy, ever since. Sadly, I cannot recall the name of the story, itself. But it was an interesting retake on various creation stories with “Jehovah the Pinhead, as he became known” and “Allah the Awkward, as he was still known” harrying off to eradicate mankind as a result of Allah’s sabotage of Jehovah’s expression of Art on a tiny speck of sand within Allah’s own expression of Art. Another story in that collection was that of a young woman who could cause tobacco to burst into flame. .with potentially lethal results. There were other stories, of course. But I have suffered memory issues in the years since. But I hope that this helps. If you do come across a copy of those stories in any form, feel free to email me at Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful day.


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