Baen Books Can Haz Caption Contest Neow Plz

man-kzin warsBaen Books Can Haz Caption Contest Neow Plz.

Everyone’s heard of LOLcats. But have you ever seen a LOL-Kzin? Hr-r-r, of course you haven’t. Now’s your chance to make one!

Step 1. Scream and leap to the Man-Kzin covers gallery on the Baen Books Facebook page or the Man-Kzin section under Larry Niven at the Baen online catalog:

Step 2. Choose your cover.

Step 3. Create a LOL-Kzin caption.

Step 4. Submit your entry to (Yes, multiple entries allowed)

The editors of Baen Books will be the judges. Entries will be judged on originality, sophisticated word play (yes, we mean puns) and overall fun factor.

Winner will receive a Man-Kzin print autographed by the artist, Stephen Hickman. The creator of the bestselling Man-Kzin Wars series, Larry Niven, disclaims any responsibility for this contest.

Now hunt well, and bring us pleasing quarries, er, entries!

For more contests from Baen, see, or the Baen Books Facebook page.

Deadline for entries is Nov. 9, 2009.

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