In Memoriam – Debra Doyle

Debra Doyle (b.1952) died at her home from a cardiac arrest on October 31st. She published her first co-written story, “Bad Blood,” in 1988 with husband James Macdonald.

Doyle and Macdonald co-wrote all of their works, which included numerous young adult novels. In 1992, they received the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Children’s Literature for the novel Knight’s Wyrd, which also appeared on the New York Public Library’s Books for the Teen Age the following year. Their first novel, Night of Ghosts and Lightning, was published under the house name Robyn Tallis in 1989.

Their Mageworlds series consisted of seven novels, beginning with The Price of Stars. Another original series the couple wrote included The Wizard Apprentice, made up of eight volumes, and two alternate history novels: Land of Mist and Snow and Lincoln’s Sword.

In addition to novels under their own names, they also wrote two novels in the Tom Swift series using the house name Victor Appleton, and they used the house name Nicholas Adams on the novels Pep RallyBlood Brothers and Vampire’s Kiss. Additionally, they published two Spider-Man novels using the name Martin Delrio.

Doyle was an instructor at the Viable Paradise writer’s workshop and is listed as one of their Emeritus instructors.