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What Communities Can Do

by Aigner Loren Wilson Like many writers, when I first started out writing speculative fiction, I felt lost when it came to who to talk to or where to “hang out” with the other cool kids. I knew there were speculative fiction communities out there, ones that were even open and welcoming to little ol’ […]

In Memoriam – Norton Juster

Author Norton Juster (b.1929) died on March 8.  Juster was working as an architect when he began work on a book on urban planning aimed at children. The book eventually became The Phantom Tollbooth, which has been adapted for the screen and stage. Juster also wrote The Dot and the Line. Other books included Alberic the Wise and […]

Institutions Are the AIs Your Mother Warned You About

by Navarre Bartz   If you pick up a book or movie about Artificial Intelligence (AI), there’s a good chance you’ll find a story where robots or AI have subjugated humanity. The Terminator, the robots in The Matrix, and the Borg all strike fear into our hearts because they lack humanity. The cold, calculating logic […]

SFWA Market Report For March

Welcome to the March edition of the SFWA Market Report. Please note: Inclusion of any market in the report below does not indicate an official endorsement by SFWA. New Markets Darkness Blooms Orion’s Belt Currently Open Al Blanchard Award Analog Science Fiction & Fact Apex Magazine Asimov’s Science Fiction Augur(Recently Opened) Beneath Ceaseless Skies Clarkesworld […]

Storytelling in Speculative Fiction Reveals a Buried History

by L.A. Young Humanity tends to bury whatever history those in charge deem “inappropriate” or “pointless” for posterity. However, this erasure was only effective on the written word. Oral tradition allowed many civilizations and societies to pass down these stories from generation to generation. As modernity brought more education, historians and scholars uncovered some of […]

Call for Panelists and Programming Proposals for the 2021 Nebula Conference Online

The Programming Committee for the 2021 Nebula Conference Online has released a preview of programming items for the June 4–6, 2021, weekend of connecting, elevating, and celebrating the science fiction and fantasy genres and writers. The Committee is also issuing a call for additional programming proposals and volunteer panelists. Proposals should be geared toward both […]

2021 Nebula Conference Online Programming Preview

The Nebula Programming Committee has prepared a preview of the programming for the 2021 Nebula Conference Online. Though these items are neither comprehensive nor final, they represent the well-rounded, professional experience we’re aiming to deliver. If you’re inspired to contribute more panel ideas or recommend panelists, including yourself, to weigh in on these topics or […]