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  2. Happy to announce my novelette 'The Sun From Both Sides', first published last year in Clarkesworld, will be produced by EscapePod in three parts later this year. It's my first sale to them and I'm very excited.


    The story will also appear in a soon to be announced anthology, carded for 2021.

  3. So, in addition to becoming a bestselling author for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago (thank you BookBub!), I found out the day after the Hugo Awards winners were announced that I’d been long-listed for the Astounding Award for Best New Writer. Very chuffed about that. Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me.
    Congratulations to all the nominees and the winner, Rebecca F. Kuang for the incredible ‘The Poppy War’ series! Full results are here:
    That same day, I had a surprise opportunity to participate on a panel at CoNZealand Fringe, which was providing independent European timezone scifi convention content while the World Science Fiction Convention was being held in New Zealand. The panel was The Best Parts of the Worst Year: Favourite Books and Media of 2020. Click here to go to the YouTube recording:
    Click here to enjoy all of CoNZealand Fringe’s awesome programming:
    I’m late on this of course, but congratulations again to all the nominees and winners of the Hugo Awards!
  4. Hello good people. After an absence of almost eight years I am back on SFWA, having negotiated the thickets of wild apricot and managed to revive my forum feed. Much has happened in the meantime. I’ve finished the first book, Bitch Wars, of my pentalogy, titled Antisense Universe, and have submitted it to a publisher. I’m working on the second volume titled Survivarium, and am halfway through writing it. I’ve also managed to place a handful of stories set in the Antisense Universe. And I was interviewed by Joseph Hurtgen on his blog.

    1. Stewart C Baker

      Stewart C Baker

      Welcome back! :) 

    2. Rimi B. Chatterjee

      Rimi B. Chatterjee

      Thanks Stewart. It’s good to be in the loop again.

    3. Paul Levinson

      Paul Levinson

      Congratulations and welcome back!

  5. Valancourt Books' reissue of my 1988 Stage Fight, Paperback from Hell #11, is up for preorders on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But for a limited time you can still preorder for a 20% discount direct from Valancourt.




    Stage Fright (1988)
    Paperbacks from Hell #11
    Garrett Boatman
    Introduction by Will Errickson

    Book Description

    Out of the darkness of the fetid Hudson River, the undead rose to eat their victims alive....

    Horror-movie monsters burst from late-night TV screens — to turn their viewers into victims.

    Biker gangs of decomposing corpses rode the highways of America, on the hunt for unsuspecting motorists....

    Take a front seat in the baddest nightmare in town. Superstar Izzy Stark has the power to make your dreams -- and nightmares -- come true. He's the master of disaster, the guru of gore, the doctor of doom, the duke of death and destruction -- and you can't escape this command performance.

    This first-ever reprint of Garrett Boatman's rare '80s paperback horror gem Stage Fright (1988) features a new introduction by Will Errickson and the original cover art.



    ISBN-13: 978-1948405652
    $17.99 US, 300 pp.

    Trade paper
    Published 2020
    Please note: eBooks are sent manually so there will be a delay in receiving them.
    Preorder now:
    Purchase paperback
    Purchase ebook


  6. A stellar week for me. Sold a story. "Rain" will appear in The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories, Volume 4. And my poem "My Grandmother's Mirror" was accepted for the HWA Poetry Showcase Vol. VII.


  7. I am a slightly odd fantasy and children's books writer. The Ryallon Series is my most popular endeavor. I'm awesome, just ask me.

  8. I have an upcoming novella release, titled, KILL THREE BIRDS: A KINGDOM OF AVES MYSTERY. 

    You can pre-order it here. https://www.amazon.com/Kill-Three-Birds-Kingdom-Mystery-ebook/dp/B089S8QHDT

    kill three birds front cover.jpg

  9. We've got Third Flatiron's positive-themed Summer 2020 anthology, "Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses" up for preorder at Smashwords. During this period of pandemic, we decided to make it "Choose your own price" so that readers can download the ebook for free if desired.

  10. Check out my classes! http://www.kittywumpus.net/blog/upcoming-online-classes/ 


    I'm always looking for new instructors if you've got an interesting idea to pitch me.

  11. oops, never mind this message! sorry to bother you.




  12. I am currently writing Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff, book six in the demon hunting series. I am behind on my deadline due to a sucky 2019, but on the path to finishing! 

  13. Mixed Harvest: Stories from the Human Past, 2019, Berghahn Books. This is PF, or prehistoric fiction. Current project is Ladybug. A planet without agriculture but advanced mental science is invaded by farmers.


    1. Stewart C Baker

      Stewart C Baker

      This sounds pretty neat, Rob!  Is there an electronic review copy available?

    2. Rob Swigart

      Rob Swigart

      Sorry it took so long. I think you can request an electronic version on the publisher web site. It does say you have to be a professor or publication.


  14. I discovered fantasy as a child, science fiction when I was ten. These discoveries have enriched my life beyond measure. Keep the books coming. And may 2020 be an exciting year for all of us.




  15. Happy to meet up with any #SFWA members visiting #Singapore.

  16. Happy holidays, everyone!

  17. Thanks for your service, Andy!

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