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  2. Good morning everyone! I'm back with an update coming straight out of the workshop. 
    This month, 2 new EXCLUSIVE Giclee Art Prints will roll from the printers for everyone who supports my books on Patreon. The first one is ready to print (see below! :-D ) , the second print is still in production. 

    Want to know what's cooking behind the scenes, while reading a new collection of illustrated short stories every month? Subscribe today at: www.patreon.com/sandybutchers


    S2 poster.png

  3. Getting some creative work done today! :-D Please note, this isn't the finished piece yet.



  4. Today's favorite paragraph:


  5. Working on my latest illustration today! I jotted down the outline yesterday, but I'll definitely kick in some shading in the next couple of hours. Are you curious about the general vibes of my work once it's done? Have a look at a timelapse video: 


  6. I'm so excited to be here! Today is all about celebrating this personal milestone... which basically means I'll be spending the entire day writing and working on my next illustration. Hmm... wait a second, that pretty much sounds like any other sunday. :-P 

  7. Wow. My last post was in 2013! Time to share what I've been doing since then.

    In sum, I now have 35 scifi and urban fantasy novels Indy-published. They are available on Amazon, Draft2Digital and iPhone.

    My next novel I am now writing is DEMIGOD MAGIC, Book 5 in the Girl Magic series. I also plan to release a scifi novella this fall, working title of STAR SCOUTS.

    Oh, yeah. May 24 is my birthday. I'll be 74. Yuck. Don't feel that old. At least most of my hair is still black.

    On other matters, my wife Sue and I took an 8 day cruise through the western Carribean. It was LOTS of fun! Plus we saw some amazing Mayan temple and pyramid remains.

    For the future I will be attending the next Buboncon 53 on Aug.  26-28, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. May be on a few panels. Hope to see some of your folks at that con!

    Tom (T. Jackson King).


  8. Hello! I've finally made my way in here and apologize for the lag. Nice job, all!

  9. Could I please be added to the romance sub-forum? Thank you!

  10. I would like to request access to the romance sub-forum. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for stopping by!


    I write under the pen name Hieronymus Hawkes. I had three grandfathers with the name Hieronymus, and I liked the alliteration of the Hawkes surname, another family name in my ancestry.


    So far I only have one novel published in the technothriller genre and one short story in an anthology, but I am currently working on a vampires in space space opera trilogy, about 2/3 of the way through book two. I plan on publishing them close together once the trilogy is complete. 


    I have plans for two other stand alone novels, another in a continuation of my vampire novels, as well as a ten book far future mystery series. The trick is to sit in the chair and type.


    You can see more about me at my website https://firefliesandlaserbeams.com/


    Be kind to each other!


    Warm Regards.

  12. Hi--I'd like to have access to the romantic subforum. Thanks!

  13. Hi Jeffe:  Apparently I am to message you to ask for access to the romance sub-forum.  


    Please and thank you.



  14. First day here and I feel imposters syndrome already.

  15. On Twitter @JasonMarcHarri1 

  16. Howdy! Glad to now be part of SFWA! Two books might be of interest to currently share:

    1. Released July 2021 Master of Rods and Strings (Vernacular Books)



    2. Released 2008 Ashgate then 2016 Routledge. Folklore and the Fantastic in Nineteenth Century British Fiction https://www.routledge.com/Folklore-and-the-Fantastic-in-Nineteenth-Century-British-Fiction/Harris/p/book/9781138259546

  17. Hey Erin!! Good to see you here too! :)

    1. Erin M. Hartshorn

      Erin M. Hartshorn

      Hey, Sam! Great to see you!


    by Jamie Eubanks

    BlueInk Reviews


    "This is a markedly clever story, with excellent characterization and an utterly believable time travel milieu. The careful, deliberate pacing, instead of a speed-driven high-adventure writing style, serves the narrative well by weaving the complexities of time travel and a multilayered plot into the story at a pace readers can absorb, while dropping hints about what may come. And a stunning ending will inspire readers to review the book to see where the author left clues they might have missed the first time around.

    "In all, science fiction fans will savor this plot-driven, romantic adventure that ushers them seamlessly through time and space." --BlueInk Reviews (Starred Review) - APR 2021

  19. Hello and welcome to SFWA. I was just looking at your short story Breaching the Distance, and it's fantastic!

    1. Hannah Onoguwe

      Hannah Onoguwe

      Thanks so much, and thanks for reading!

  20. It's an honor to be a member of this community. 

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