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  2. Although it says I am an associate member, I am actually an ACTIVE member, effect this month!

    1. Nicole Kurtz

      Nicole Kurtz

      *effective (forgive my excitement).

  3. Seize your magic.

  4. Seize your magic.

  5. Check out my free Science Snacks blog: https://www.mariannedyson.com/blog/index.php Because your brain deserves a treat!

  6. Story for consideration

  7. Cover reveal!

    Check out S.L. Johnson's lovely cover for my forthcoming anthology of pirate stories, Scourge of the Seas of Time (and Space) here. Scourge will be released from Queen of Swords Press in December, 2018 and is a mixed genre anthology that includes stories by A.J. Fitzwater, Ginn Hale, Joyce Chng, Ed Grabianowski, Megan Arkenberg and others.

    ebook QoSP Scourge 432 x 648 72 dpi.jpg

  8. Our first print issue of Amazing Stories is currently at the printers!

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