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  2. Check out my classes! http://www.kittywumpus.net/blog/upcoming-online-classes/ 


    I'm always looking for new instructors if you've got an interesting idea to pitch me.

  3. oops, never mind this message! sorry to bother you.




  4. I am currently writing Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff, book six in the demon hunting series. I am behind on my deadline due to a sucky 2019, but on the path to finishing! 

  5. Mixed Harvest: Stories from the Human Past, 2019, Berghahn Books. This is PF, or prehistoric fiction. Current project is Ladybug. A planet without agriculture but advanced mental science is invaded by farmers.


    1. Stewart C Baker

      Stewart C Baker

      This sounds pretty neat, Rob!  Is there an electronic review copy available?

    2. Rob Swigart

      Rob Swigart

      Sorry it took so long. I think you can request an electronic version on the publisher web site. It does say you have to be a professor or publication.


  6. I discovered fantasy as a child, science fiction when I was ten. These discoveries have enriched my life beyond measure. Keep the books coming. And may 2020 be an exciting year for all of us.




  7. Happy to meet up with any #SFWA members visiting #Singapore.

  8. Happy holidays, everyone!

  9. Thanks for your service, Andy!

  10. Hello, Steven.  I'm in Torrance, so not far from you.  It's rare to see somebody local.  I've been an active member for 10 years, but just recently started browsing and using the website, trying to get myself back in touch with the field.

  11. Although it says I am an associate member, I am actually an ACTIVE member, effect this month!

    1. Nicole Kurtz

      Nicole Kurtz

      *effective (forgive my excitement).

  12. Check out my free Science Snacks blog: https://www.mariannedyson.com/blog/index.php Because your brain deserves a treat!

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