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  1. Wow. My last post was in 2013! Time to share what I've been doing since then.

    In sum, I now have 35 scifi and urban fantasy novels Indy-published. They are available on Amazon, Draft2Digital and iPhone.

    My next novel I am now writing is DEMIGOD MAGIC, Book 5 in the Girl Magic series. I also plan to release a scifi novella this fall, working title of STAR SCOUTS.

    Oh, yeah. May 24 is my birthday. I'll be 74. Yuck. Don't feel that old. At least most of my hair is still black.

    On other matters, my wife Sue and I took an 8 day cruise through the western Carribean. It was LOTS of fun! Plus we saw some amazing Mayan temple and pyramid remains.

    For the future I will be attending the next Buboncon 53 on Aug.  26-28, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. May be on a few panels. Hope to see some of your folks at that con!

    Tom (T. Jackson King).


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