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  1. Hello good people. After an absence of almost eight years I am back on SFWA, having negotiated the thickets of wild apricot and managed to revive my forum feed. Much has happened in the meantime. I’ve finished the first book, Bitch Wars, of my pentalogy, titled Antisense Universe, and have submitted it to a publisher. I’m working on the second volume titled Survivarium, and am halfway through writing it. I’ve also managed to place a handful of stories set in the Antisense Universe. And I was interviewed by Joseph Hurtgen on his blog.

    1. Stewart C Baker

      Stewart C Baker

      Welcome back! :) 

    2. Rimi B. Chatterjee

      Rimi B. Chatterjee

      Thanks Stewart. It’s good to be in the loop again.

    3. Paul Levinson

      Paul Levinson

      Congratulations and welcome back!

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