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I'm a writer of fiction as well as an academic. My third novel BlackLight(Harper Collins India 2010) is a mystery story about the death of an artist who worked in secret and left a trail of clues to help her nephew find her artwor­ks and stories after her death. The second one, TheCityofLove(Penguin India, 2007) is a tale set against the backdrop of piracy and the spice trade in sixteenth century Bengal, and was shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award. My first published novel, SignalRed (Penguin, 2005), was a near-future science fiction story about a defence scientist caught up in a state conspiracy, and in now available as a free ebook online from my blog and from Kindle. EmpiresoftheMind(OUP India, 2006), my academic history of Oxford University Press’s relations with India before 1947, won the SHARP de Long Book Prize for that year. I've also published short stories, graphic stories and poems.


I teach English at Jadavpur University and am working on my next novel, a far future sf book titled Antisense. I run a blog at http://rimibchatterjee.net/

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