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    Kolkata, India
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    Worldbuilding, ethical design, solarpunk, climate fiction.
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About Me

I'm a writer of fiction as well as an academic. I’m currently working on a pentalogy called the Antisense Universe. The first book, called Bitch Wars, is written and looking for a publisher. I’m currently writing the second book, called Survivarium. I’ve also places a number of short stories set in the Antisense Universe in a number of markets.


The pentalogy is set in an alternate timeline where in 2030 boy babies begin to be born with a disease that robs them of all sensation in their skins. All but the sons of the one percent die out, and these boys engineer a global climate catastrophe called the Helios Fail in 2048 and take over the earth. These boys (secretly called ‘hanyos’ by their victims) exterminate the remaining men and enslave the women, but some of the women escape in 2071 and set up an alternate society called Antisense. Their underground hideout full of plants and animals is called the survivarium, and they call themselves the Survivors. They invent the karma system to replace money and law, invent a way to have babies without men, and design a new society which they describe in the Karma Sutra, a manual of how to build a survivarium which they distribute among the slaves of hanyo town in secret, so that others can follow them. They live in peace, harmony and plenty while above ground the hanyos destroy themselves in universal war. A hundred years later, the Survivors emerge and begin regreening the earth. The five novels span seven centuries and end with the terraforming of Venus.


My third novel Black Light (Harper Collins India 2010) is a mystery story about the death of an artist who worked in secret and left a trail of clues to help her nephew find her artworks and stories after her death. The second one, The City of Love (Penguin India, 2007) is a tale set against the backdrop of piracy and the spice trade in sixteenth century Bengal, and was shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award. My first published novel, Signal Red (Penguin, 2005) is a near-future science fiction story about a defence scientist caught up in a state conspiracy, and in now available as a free ebook online from my blog and from Kindle. Empires of the Mind (OUP India, 2006), my academic history of Oxford University Press’s relations with India before 1947, won the SHARP de Long Book Prize for that year. I've also published short stories, graphic stories and poems.


I teach English at Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India. I run a somewhat dormant blog at http://antisenseuniverse.org/

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