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I’ll start with my standard bio:


Douglas Rudoff lives in Seattle with his wife Margaret and his eight-year-old son Liam. In his long career as a software engineer, you may have unwittingly used his work if you ever analyzed Soviet intelligence, requested a taxi online in Paris, had your cell phone account suspended, had your power restored after Hurricane Katrina, or just wasted time on the internet.


My short story â€œIt’s Good to See You†was published on Daily Science Fiction in April 2013.


About half of the stories I write are non-SF. My two published non-SF stories are my unreliable narrator piece â€œAn Honest Manâ€, the winner of the 2005 Richard Hugo House (not to be confused with another well-known Hugo) New Works Competition, and my chick-lit-written-by-a-guy piece â€œShe Wakes Upâ€.


I currently work at Tableau Software. I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1985 with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. 


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