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    Writer, writing course creator

About Me

I’m Holly Lisle, full-time writer since 1992, with more than 30 commercially published novels and many self-published writing courses. Having discovered that self-publishing is more fun and pays better (and more reliably) than commercial publishing, I’ve now moved my fiction to self-pub as well, and am re-releasing my out-of-print work, and writing original novels and short fiction I’m publishing on my own.

I have two primary websites. My personal site, HollyLisle.com, features my personal weblog, more than a hundred thousand words of writing articles, workshops, and essays, chapters from many of my novels, poems, a song or two (yes, me singing and playing guitar), and some fun little oddities (if the singing wasn’t enough).


My teaching site is HowToThinkSideways.com. I started building the site in 2008, when many writers I knew asked me to do a course on my technique of thinking sideways—the process I’ve used to stay in print since 1992, keep story ideas coming, switch genres multiple time while always writing under my own name, and that allows me to love my job now more than I did when I decided I was going to write a novel in 1985. The site has expanded to include all my writing courses, my private Writers’ Boot Camp Community with community weblog, forums, workshops, and other goodies, and the shop where I sell both my Fiction and my Writing Courses.


My bibliography is here: http://hollylisle.com/bibliography/


My brief biography, which includes the story about the bear, is here: http://hollylisle.com/autobiography/

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