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    Los Angeles, CA
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    Besides writing, I love to hike and study entomology (insects); spend time with my family; woodwork in my garage; design furniture; research genealogy; cycle (mountain and road); and read, read, read!
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About Me

Eric J. Guignard is a writer and editor of dark and speculative fiction, inking from the shadowy outskirts of Los Angeles. His works have appeared in publications such as Nightmare Magazine, Black Static, Shock Totem, Buzzy Magazine, and Dark Discoveries Magazine.


Winner of the Bram Stoker Award, he’s also been a finalist for the International Thriller Writers Award and a multi-nominee of the Pushcart Prize. Outside the glamorous and jet-setting world of indie fiction, Eric’s a technical writer and college professor, and he stumbles home each day to a wife, children, cats, and a terrarium filled with mischievous beetles.


Visit Eric at: www.ericjguignard.com, his blog: ericjguignard.blogspot.com, or Twitter: @ericjguignard.

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