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Let me tell you a story. It's about the life I lead and would lead if I were someone, somewhere or somewhen else. And that's why I'm a storyspinner, because I always wonder what's around the corner, over the next mountain, or just in front of me but hidden. I use words and my camera to explore what I want to understand (especially what is, to me, unfathomable) and what I need to communicate. As for exploring, I've been on assignment as a writer and photographer for many major magazines and newspapers to all seven continents. I've interviewed and photographed hundreds of fascinating or famous (or both) people. And I've been honored that my work has received numerous awards, grants and accolades. But in the end, for me it's all about making a connection with other people. (For more traditional bios, please go to Grotta.net  and AmHands.com.)

FYI, I have made my living as a freelancer my entire adult career, and I'm happy to share ideas and advice on the business of writing. My fiction includes "The Winter Boy" (a Locus Award nominee)  and "Jo Joe"  (which was a Jewish Book Council Network Book ). I'm currently working on two books "Dream A Little World" (a YA SF novel) and "Sex Witch" (a sequel to "The Winter Boy").

I welcome "friend" invitations on Facebook and Twitter: @SallyWGrotta


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