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    writing grounded sci fi, Muay Thai, MMA, playing guitar, designing book covers, marine biology, movies, fashion, tattoos, medicine, ancient history
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    Global Director, Sci Affairs, Oncology Franchise

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  1. Had a wonderful time signing books at BEA and have had great praise so far for It Takes Death To Reach A Star...


    We received a 5 star review from Readers' Choice "I cannot fathom how Stu Jones and Gareth Worthington wrote this Masterpiece." 


    Booklist and Library Journal likened our work to Philip K. Dick...


    One blogger wrote that the Hunger Games and Made Runner were forerunners compared with ITDTRAS


    And we just won Bronze in the Authorsdb first lines contest...


    We've entered a bunch more competitions... so excited for all of this...


    Oh and the production company involved in the TV series Vikings is now looking at ITDRAS too.... 


    Happy author right here!




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