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Nebula Reading List

The Nebula Awards Suggested Reading List is produced through the collaborative effort of SFWA's 1800+ members, with new listings appearing as members make recommendations. For this reason, works are occasionally introduced in error and may later be corrected or removed from the list if deemed ineligible by the Nebula Awards Commissioner. The list is provided to the public as a service in finding the year's most noteworthy fantasy and science fiction works.
Please note this list is not the preliminary ballot or nomination tally and does not affect the Nebula Award nominations or final results in any way.

Questions or list corrections can be sent to the Nebula Awards Commissioner at nac@sfwa.org.
If you are an author or publisher and would like to make your eligible work available to SFWA members for consideration for the Nebula Awards, please mail the Nebula Awards Commissioner for more information. The Nebula Award rules are available here.

Title Author Publisher Published
The Four Profound Weaves Lemberg, R.B. Tachyon Publications 9/2020
The Forgotten Taste of Honey Jablokov, Alexander Asimovs 10/2016
The Forest God Lackey, Jamie Air and Nothingness Press 6/2020
The Flying Turk Acks, Alex Queen of Swords Press 4/2018
The Flight of the Ravens Butler, Chris Immersion Press 9/2012
The Empress of Salt and Fortune Vo, Nghi Tor.com 3/2020
The Emperor's Soul Sanderson, Brandon Tachyon Publications 10/2012
The Emotionless, In Love Sanford, Jason Beneath Ceaseless Skies 3/2018
The Ellsberg Variations Ward, Jean Marie Ring of Fire Press 5/2019
The Drowning Eyes Foster, Emily MacMillan 1/2016
The Drowned Heir Donohue, Jennifer R. Jennifer R. Donohue 8/1/2022
The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe Johnson, Kij Tor.com 8/2016
The Dragon of Dread Peak Tolbert, Jeremiah Lightspeed Magazine 10/2017
The Devil You Know Parker, K.J. Tor.com 3/2016
The Descent of Monsters Yang, JY Tor 7/2018
The Demons of Wall Street Brothers, Laurence Raphael Mirror World Publishing 3/2020
The Demons of the Square Mile Brothers, Laurence Raphael Mirror World Publishing 3/2021
The Deep Solomon, Rivers Gallery/Saga 2019
The Dead City Wells, Martha Night Shade Books 6/2015
The Dark Ride Kessel, John The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction 12/2020
The Dance of Destiny Morganfield, TL Feathered Serpent Books 2/2016
The Coward's Option Castro, Adam-Troy Analog 3/2016
The Continuum Nikel, Wendy World Weaver Press 1/2018
The Butcher's Table Ballingrud, Nathan Wounds, Saga 4/2019
The Builders Polansky, Daniel Tor.com 11/2015
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