June 2003

In the years since A First Dictionary and Grammar of Láadan: Second Edition was published by SF3, many new words have been added to the vocabulary. Because there are no plans for a third edition, they are listed below; that will let those of you who have the book bring it up to date as far as possible. (That is, there may be many more new words that I know nothing about or that I have not been asked to add.) The items on the list are (a) words that have been sent to me to be added, followed by the initials or name of the person who should be credited for them, or (b) words I've constructed because someone requested them, or (c) words that I constructed because I needed them for something I was working on. The key to the initials: SH, Sharla Hardy; AH, Anne Hatzakis; CF, Carole Fontaine; JP, Julia Penelope (or Dr. Penelope and her students working together); TB, Tina Black; DK, De Kanel; EB, Elizabeth Baronowsky; and MLM, M. Lynne Murphy. Items that appear without a credit are mine. Because some of your browsers won't support the characters for the vowels with tone markers over them, words having such vowels are repeated in a separate column with the high-toned vowel written as a capital letter. Any errors below are my responsibility; I apologize for them in advance.

— Suzette Haden Elgin


absence mar (SH)  
to abort, have an abortion wírabanenath (CF) wIrabanenath
accountant lamithá lamithA
acoustics (the science) ezho  
aeronautics ezhazh  
agar (a seaweed) analel (SH)  
alcoholic ranahalh  
algae lelith (SH)  
alone and glad of it elasholan  
alone at last, after tiresome people doólelasholan doOlelasholan
alone in a crowd of people sholalan  
alone "in the bosom of your family" búsholan  
alone with grief óosholan Oosholan
alone with terror héeyasholan hEeyasholan
also íi Ii
altar obeham (SH)  
anarchy ralod  
anatomy (the science) ehoba  
animal husbandry ewomil  
anthropology ewith  
arc thamewud (SH)  
to "art," to make art alehala  
assistant, helper dená denA
astronomy ehash  
attacker, aggressor rashonelha  
attention hil  

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